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Digital products and services

Future-proof solutions for machine monitoring, control and optimisation


Transparent processes and process data in real time make an important contribution to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of systems and lines.

With MULTIVAC's digital products and services, we offer our customers innovative solutions for monitoring, controlling and optimising production - even networked across all locations to facilitate comparison. Simple, convenient and "live". For new equipment as well as retrofitting to existing machines.

This means our customers benefit in all operational and strategic matters to the same extent, from the convenient customer portal to a transparent supply of spare parts and online quick help for faults - our digital products and services help ensure the optimum operation of your line.


Digital products and services

X-line thermoform packaging machines

Maximum pack security. Consistent pack quality. Highest output. Future-proofed.

MULTIVAC is redefining thermoform packaging with its X-line. Thanks to its seamless digitalisation, comprehensive sensor system, and its networking with the MULTIVAC Cloud, the X-line creates a new dimension when it comes to packaging reliability, quality, performance, and future-proofing.


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