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Handling solutions

Individuality through modular design - the handling solutions from MULTIVAC.

When it comes to product handling as part of the packaging process, MULTIVAC offers a wide range of equipment that is continuously being expanded. This includes solutions for the automated transport, orientation, loading, and converging of products, packs, and boxes - all at high output and with the maximum precision and flexibility, as well as being tailor-made for the particular requirement.

For handling a wide variety of products in the packaging procedure, MULTIVAC offers a broad portfolio that is continuously being expanded. This includes solutions for automated transport, orientation, loading and converging of products, packs and boxes. MULTIVAC handling solutions increase process efficiency and ensure optimum product flow. They are available in all output classes and to meet a variety of hygiene standards. A wide range of technologies and the greatest possible modularity allow flexible adaptation to custom requirements with regard to applications and functionalities.

MULTIVAC handling solutions can also be seamlessly integrated into existing packaging lines. They can be extended to include additional functionalities to accommodate new requirements.

As an integrated solution provider with distinctive line and automation competence, we focus not only on the individual modules and process steps but also on the entire packaging line. The optimal design of the overall solution for the respective application enables process times to be minimised while maintaining maximum output, contributing to low operating costs and an optimised line footprint.

Complete integration of handling systems into the line control ensures a reliable process with maximum precision and reproducibility. It is also the basis for complete documentation and tracking, guaranteeing continuous transparency along the entire process chain.


Handling solutions

Infeed, transporting (converging)

Converging (channelizing)


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Complete turnkey lines from one source.

The MULTIVAC product portfolio comprises a wide range of packaging technologies, labelling and marking equipment, quality control systems, and automation solutions. Our product range is completed with equipment upstream of the packaging machine in the areas of portioning and processing, as well as bakery technology. Thanks to our comprehensive expertise in packaging lines, all modules can be integrated into complete solutions. They guarantee a high level of operational and process reliability, as well as efficiency.

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