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Belt loaders

Product transfer from the slicer, with alignment, buffering, and loading - one solution.

The MULTIVAC Belt Loader is an important automation module between a slicer and the packaging machine. The features of this modular and highly flexible system are its hygienic and space-saving design, as well as the efficiency and precision, with which the sliced portions are transferred, aligned, buffered, and loaded into the packs.

The MULTIVAC Belt Loader takes up the portions from the slicer and then aligns, buffers, and loads them into the packs with precision at high output. The flexible, modular system can be perfectly linked to existing packaging solutions and is available either as an integrated version, or as a stand-alone loader.

One feature of the belt loader is its hygienic and space-saving design. Separate belt units allow quick and easy access to the packaging machine, for example when changing film. The buffer and alignment conveyors can be adapted quickly and easily for flexible use on different packaging machines.

Another feature of the MULTIVAC Belt Loader is its high level of efficiency. Fast product changes, low energy consumption, and efficient personnel utilisation contribute to operating costs that remain low over the long term.

Benefits at a glance

Simple and reliable operation

  • Good visibility and easy accessibility
  • Quick and easy cleaning thanks to MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™
  • Available as an integrated version or a stand-alone loader

Reliable and fast loading

  • Reliable infeeding and loading of a wide range of products and portion shapes
  • Can be adapted flexibly to different slicers and packaging systems

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency

  • Quick to convert
  • Robust, space-saving, and durable design
  • Maximum flexibility in conjunction with future combinations of slicers and packaging machines
  • Low operating costs

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The MULTIVAC product portfolio comprises a wide range of packaging technologies, labelling and marking equipment, quality control systems, and automation solutions. Our product range is completed with equipment upstream of the packaging machine in the areas of portioning and processing, as well as bakery technology. Thanks to our comprehensive expertise in packaging lines, all modules can be integrated into complete solutions. They guarantee a high level of operational and process reliability, as well as efficiency.

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