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Packaging types

Suitable for every requirement

MULTIVAC offers a broad spectrum of packaging technologies and packaging types - whether the packaging is for food, life science, health care products, or industrial goods.

Our packs can be designed with a great variety of characteristics to increase attractiveness at the POS and to optimise user-friendliness.

Without modified atmosphere

A packaging version is the production of packaging without a modified atmosphere.


In the case of a MAP pack, the natural atmosphere in the pack is replaced by a modified atmosphere appropriate for the product. 

Vacuum packs

Packaging under vacuum extends the shelf life of products, because removing the atmosphere slows down the microbial deterioration of the product. 

Skin packs

Vacuum skin packaging is used to seal the product over its entire surface on a shape-retaining lower web or a ready-made tray using a special skin film. 

Shrink packs

In shrink packs, the product is vacuum-packed in a special film that is shrinkable.

Ovenproof packs

Ovenproof packs make food preparation especially simple and safe.


Package your food with 
recyclable paper fibre-based packaging
materials with MULTIVAC PaperBoard

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