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Skin packs

Attractive presentation and maximum durability

Vacuum skin packaging is used to seal the product over its entire surface on a shape-retaining lower web or a ready-made tray using a special skin film. MULTIVAC offers several ways of producing vacuum skin packs with MultiFresh™ and Isopak.

MultiFresh™ - vacuum skin packaging for optimum product presentation and shelf life

MultiFresh™ packs enclose the product like a second skin. The upper web encloses the product tightly, but free of tension, and without changing its shape or decorations. Accordingly, even products with sharp or hard parts, such as bones or shells, are enclosed securely. Products packaged with MultiFresh™ can be displayed vertically, horizontally, or even suspended because the film skin fixes the contents of the pack and the complete sealing prevents any liquids in the product from escaping. A further advantage lies in the durability of the packaged product. MULTIVAC packaging machines, which have been specially developed for this process, are used in conjunction with innovative MultiFresh™ packaging materials for the packaging procedure. Due to the perfect interaction of machine and packaging material, high-quality and attractive vacuum skin packs are produced.


MultiFresh™ packs are particularly suitable for high-quality products in the meat and meat product, fish and seafood, poultry, convenience food, cheese, and pastry segments. Products prone to leak juices can be packaged with MultiFresh™, as well as foodstuffs with higher shelf-life requirements. 


A MultiFresh™ pack is characterised by its natural presentation of the quality, freshness, colour and texture of the product and that it holds the product firmly in place, free of tension. Its allover sealing effectively reduces liquid escaping from the product. The pack can be easily opened by means of an integrable easy-open corner. A MultiFresh™ pack can be attractively and informatively designed by means of colouring, metallization, printing, embossing or labelling, all while extending the shelf life of your product.

Packaging machines and packaging materials

Thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers can be used as packaging systems. In contrast to traysealers which use standard trays of sufficient dimensions, the thermoforming packaging procedure permits the creation of individual bases for the packs. These, for example, can have ribs, radial lines, embossed base elements and similar designs to improve the stability of the pack, its visual appearance as well as brand awareness.

MultiFresh™ packs can be produced with the following machines:

  • R 105 MF thermoforming packaging machine
  • R 175 MF thermoforming packaging machine
  • R 275 MF thermoforming packaging machine
  • R 575 MF thermoforming packaging machine
  • Traysealer


MultiFresh™ has a comprehensive range of skin films, which have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of MultiFresh™ machines. In order to achieve optimum packaging results, the MultiFresh™ range of films includes different grades for the lower and upper webs. The upper web range has been specifically designed for a variety of product shapes and heights. This means that even products with high protrusion or sharp edges can be packaged attractively and securely. The lower webs are available in different colours, thicknesses and with a variety of easy-open properties. All MultiFresh™ films are produced by leading manufacturers and fulfil the generally applicable norms and standards.

Packaging Solutions:
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Isopak: attractive product presentation in vacuum skin packaging

In the Isopak process, the upper web encloses the product tightly which is sealed to the entire surface of the lower web. Perimeter sealing along the pack contour provides additional packing protection, ensuring the appearance of the pack is attractive and extends the shelf life of the product, because leaking juices are avoided.


Isopak packs are suitable for precut items or fish fillets with a maximum height of 20 mm. Products prone to leak juices can be packaged as well as food products with high shelf life requirements.


Isopak packs provide maximum shelf life for the packaged products, as well as an attractive presentation – even when hanging or standing. The quality of the product is emphasised by the close-fitting upper web. Precut products are not stuck together. The pack can be easily opened by means of an integrable easy-open corner. A wide range of packaging materials by leading film manufacturers provide a variety of design options, which include glossy and metallic surfaces.

Packaging machines und packaging materials

Isopak packs can be produced with the following machines:

  • R 265 thermoforming packaging machine
  • R 565 thermoforming packaging machine


The packaging materials required for Isopak are suitable skin films.