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Packs without modified atmospheres

Optimum protection against mechanical and environmental influences

Packs without modified atmosphere reliably protect the product against mechanical and environmental influences, such as moisture and UV light.


Packs without a modified atmosphere are particularly well suited for consumer and industrial products, as well as medical and pharmaceutical products. In addition, these packs are also suitable for foods that have no special requirements in respect of an extended shelf life.


Packs without modified atmosphere are protected against mechanical influences, moisture and UV light. At the point of sale, these packages can be used to convey information, e.g. product or marketing information. In addition, these packs are capable of providing security against tampering and theft protection for the packaged product.

Packaging machines and packaging materials

Packs without modified atmsphere are capable of being produced by thermoforming packaging machines, traysealers and chamber machines. The packaging materials used are all the usual single-layer and multi-layer composites.