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Dough processing

Dough is our passion. Tangible quality is our objective.

First-class bakery products with great taste – advanced technology from FRITSCH is synonymous with your market success. Our innovative solutions for dough processing are groundbreaking in every respect. Everywhere in the world. And this applies not only to industrial bakery companies but also hand-crafted producers. Our product range extends from sheeting machines to highly flexible semi-automatic lines, right up to industrial-scale mono lines.

For many decades FRITSCH machines have been impressing the bakery industry worldwide in daily use. Our claim: Gentle dough processing, maximum flexibility and the greatest possible process reliability. Even at the highest output in non-stop mode.

Because we know the market and the needs of our creative customers. We have always combined technological know-how and practical ability with our great passion for dough and its processing. This is how we build machines of outstanding quality for the efficient and finely-tuned production of a wide range of bakery products. In both large and small quantities.


Benefits at a glance

Gentle dough processing for the highest product quality

  • High level of quality and weight accuracy in the finished product
  • Gentle processing of the dough throughout the entire production process
  • Prevention of unnecessary stress and compression within the dough

High level of versatility

  • Modular construction
  • Wide product range thanks to a large variety of specialised accessory equipment
  • Quick and simple product change without special tools

Reliable process

  • Well-conceived and robust design for high performance in non-stop use
  • Dough processing precision of the highest level for maximum process reliability and machine availability
  • Quick and simple operation thanks to an intuitive operating concept

High output

  • High throughput at a constant product quality
  • Rapid and accurate operating components
  • Small amount of waste

Machines for dough sheet production


We set the benchmark in 1956 with our first ROLLFIX − and continue to do so today. This classic sheeting machine is available in various versions and output categories. All the models are highly impressive in their gentle and even method of rolling out dough, and their simple operation and reproducible results also make a lasting impression. The machine range is rounded off by some special models with advanced capabilities.

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The universal solution for producing continuous dough sheets from a wide range of dough types. Thanks to its compact design and small footprint, it takes up only a small amount of space and leaves a permanent impression of high quality and versatility.

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The LAMINATOR 700 from FRITSCH provides the ideal entry into automated dough sheet production and laminating technology − and it is the true master in laminating all types of puff pastry, croissants, shortcrust pastry and brioche dough. The machine is also very impressive in its high level of efficiency and laminating consistency, which always produces perfect results.

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Machines for dough sheet processing


Our cutting table enables valuable time savings, as well as reducing dough leftovers to a necessary minimum. A variety of precision cutting rollers made of stainless steel are available for producing a wide range of bakery products simply and precisely. They ensure accurate cutting of all dough types is achieved, thereby producing constant baking times.

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The ideal pastry line for small and medium-sized hand-crafted producers. Efficient, compact, quiet and above all cost-effective. Thanks to its modular design, the versatile and multi-talented machine can be tailored perfectly to the particular requirement. It takes up very little space, can be easily converted with a few hand movements, and is operated intuitively via a touchscreen.

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More tempo, more output, greater flexibility − the high-performance workhorse for automated pastry production meets the highest requirements of quality, throughput and flexibility. Thanks to its wide variety of specialised accessory equipment, which is very easy to integrate into the machine, there are virtually no limits to the range of products that can be produced.

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The MULTIFLEX M700 croissant machine from FRITSCH brings diversity to croissant-making. The system for single-row production of (un)filled croissants is highly impressive with its outstanding performance within a small footprint, and its high level of precision in product shape, weight and layering. Our popular and well-proven allrounder provides the perfect entry into automation - and it punches and portions in one operation. Rapid and gentle on the dough.

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This highly versatile and multi-talented machine for pastries, wound products and bread specialities combines in a single production line all the advantages offered by both the gentle "punch and twist" process and the intelligent "punch and cut" technology, which provides such an abundance of product shapes. Thanks to its wide range of equipment options, the FRITSCH MULTIFLEX L700 can be configured perfectly for individual production requirements and the desired assortment of products.

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State-of-the-art technology combined with many years of experience − this multi-talented machine from FRITSCH, which has been given many awards over the years, is the perfect machine for products made on the basis of dough strands. Thanks to its wide variety of tools, the MULTITWIST machine, which is designed for high hourly output and characterised by its quiet operation, can automatically produce not only pretzels but also ring-shaped products, braided breads, knot-shaped products and many more. Highest level of product quality without compromise.

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Our well-proven. high-output line for industrial-scale bread production - and the first choice worldwide for the efficient production of rustic bread products of the highest quality. Thanks to its modular construction, the IMPRESSA bread offers the maximum flexibility for a wide range of products. Even very soft types of dough can be handled extremely gently, meaning unnecessary stress and compression within the dough are prevented.

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The industrial pizza and flatbread line from FRITSCH with a high degree of shape and weight precision. The dough is rolled out extremely gently with the Soft Processing principle, and the flatbreads or pizza bases are then cut or punched.

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IMPRESSA croissant

The IMPRESSA croissant is our high-output line for all wound bakery products. The dough is punched and twisted in one single stage, and this ensures a high degree of weight, shape and layering precision is achieved. All at maximum output and with extremely precise operation.

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