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Optimum slicing results at high output for processed products.

High levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as well as outstanding slicing results thanks to innovative technology - the high-performance slicing solutions from MULTIVAC are top-class in every respect. Our innovative slicing systems are particularly impressive in their outstanding slicing results at maximum output with improved yield and reduced give-away.

MULTIVAC slicers impress with their perfect slicing results at high output, their rapid make-ready and conversion, as well as their particularly ergonomic and reliable operation. The MULTIVAC slicing system offers outstanding slicing quality within a large temperature range. Improved yield, a high level of weight accuracy, reduction of give-away, and consistent portioning are additional benefits of our innovative technology.

In addition to offering the optimum hygiene standards, the other features of MULTIVAC slicers are their very high throughput and an unrivalled level of user-friendly handling. Rapid product and format changes ensure maximum flexibility is achieved. Thanks to their space-saving integration and uniquely reliable linking with the packaging machine, MULTIVAC slicers make a major contribution to accelerating the slicing and packaging process.

Benefits at a glance

Outstanding slicing quality

Thanks to their innovative slicing system and blade design, MULTIVAC slicers offer outstanding slicing quality at warmer product temperatures and within a larger temperature range. A “gentle cut” ensures the product is sliced smoothly in a controlled way and with minimum pressure. This means sausage, ham, and cheese can be sliced extremely precisely, and the slicing action is very gentle on the product. The products retain their appearance, taste, and consistency.

High level of versatility

MULTIVAC slicers can be designed for 1 to 8 tracks. Track-centred loading ensures the products are exactly aligned in the cutting chamber. This enables the widest range of loading combinations to be achieved at maximum slicing speed and quality.

Fast conversion and cleaning

MULTIVAC slicers are characterised by their high level of flexibility. Converting the slicer to different products and formats is very user-friendly with relatively few hand movements - and the change of all product-related components can be performed in less than five minutes

Reduced overall costs

In addition to rapid product changes and maximum machine availability, high levels of throughput contribute significantly to reduced overall costs. The innovative MULTIVAC technology for slicing and product guiding makes fast production throughput possible, and this also enables product at warmer temperatures to be processed.

Efficient line integration

Thanks to a uniquely reliable and space-saving linking of the slicers to the packaging systems, MULTIVAC can offer a wide range of solutions to ideally meet individual customer requirements. Whether highest possible output, maximum flexibility, or integration of existing equipment, our future-proof complete solutions feature unparalleled efficiency, simple operation, and ultimate hygiene.

S 800

The S 800, which can be designed for single or multiple tracks, offers a high level of output with up to 850 cuts per minute. Rapid product and format changes ensure maximum flexibility is achieved.

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S 1600

The S 1600 has the same footprint as the S 800, but offers an output of up to 1580 cuts per minute.

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MULTIVAC Sustainable Liquid Interleaving

Innovative. Efficient. Sustainable.

Show consumers a good slice of environmental awareness. With
MULTIVAC Sustainable Liquid Interleaving - an innovative
solution, which makes plastic or paper interleaves between slices

The functioning principle is quite ingenious and perfectly tailored
to the particular product characteristics: a liquid food release
spray is applied evenly via atomising nozzles to the underside of
the slices, so that their adhesion is reduced.
Even where the sliced product has strong adhesion, such as in
the case of thin cheese slices, raw ham or vegan products, the
individual slices can be removed easily and without damage by
the consumer. And this also applies to extremely delicate
products as well as wafer-thin cut portions, where a classic
interleaver is not suitable.

If food release sprays are used, which are neutral in taste and
also available in a bio grade, the product's taste, smell and colour
do not change perceptibly. It is also possible to use aromatised
food release sprays, which add additional aromas in a highly
targeted way.
And best of all: the MULTIVAC Sustainable Liquid Interleaver can
be easily integrated into existing slicer lines as well as new
equipment, and it has been proven in practical use since 2018.

MULTIVAC Sustainable Liquid Interleaving


Slicing and automated packaging:
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Sustainable Liquid Interleaving:
Innovative. Efficient. Sustainable.
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