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Original showroom and OEM refurbished machines from MULTIVAC

Large selection, maximum reliability

Buying a pre-owned machine can be a perfect choice under certain circumstances, especially when price-sensitive markets require a maximum cost effectiveness or when the machine is needed at a very short notice. Our comprehensive stock of showroom, trade show and refurbished machines ensures an optimal fit to your individual needs as well as quickest lead times. The original refurbished machines will carry the ProSelection quality mark.

When buying an original used machine from MULTIVAC, you profit from the same advantages you would buying a new MULTIVAC machine with regards to quality and service. This includes the complete machine installation and thorough instruction, a fully documented machine history, a seamless supply of original replacement parts and software updates as well as a responsive technical service and comprehensive warranty services.

For our original showroom and OEM refurbished machines we offer flexible business plans and financing models which best suit to your individual requirements, such as leasing and rental.

MULTIVAC Pro Selection™ - completely overhauled machines

Investing in a MULTIVAC ProSelection machine is particularly worthwhile because it combines the latest technical standards and will always be configured according to your specific requirements – a sustainable solution to meet your individual needs.

MULTIVAC ProSelection machines have undergone a general overhaul, which includes an upgrade of all original mechanical and electrical components as well as control circuits, the exchange of heavily used and worn parts as well as the replacement of discontinued components with the latest standard. All ProSelection machines come with original dies, safety guards and pumps.

This guarantees the kind of quality and safety that only the original manufacturer can offer.   
MULTIVAC ProSelection machines also comply with all current safety requirements and carry the ProSelection quality mark. Furthermore, all ProSelection machines come with a standard one year MULTIVAC guarantee.

MULTIVAC Resale & Service – our excellence center for rebuilt machines

Our excellence center MULTIVAC Resale & Service is the division of MULTIVAC that takes back machines and completely refurbishes them with original MULTIVAC parts.

The overhauling of the machines is performed either accordingly to the specifications of the new owner or according to the latest standards, always applying state-of-the art technology. You can feel certain that all work is carried out by highly qualified technicians. When overhauling the machines, we only apply OEM parts, this way ensuring a maximum lifetime of the equipment.

In addition to OEM machine overhauls, MULTIVAC Resale & Service also offers OEM refurbished lifting and cutting systems as exchange units. Also new formats are being produced and revision of formats and the revision of heating and sealing plates is possible at MULTIVAC Resale & Service.